Sue Hughes Clinic

Back to the Sue Hughes clinic…

The main point of the whole lesson was to stop using every aid simultaneously! And voilà, horse could decipher what was required of her. Amazing how that simplified things.

I find this difficult though. I am an “Oh crap” rider. Things are moving along, and “Oh crap, a circle!” Instead of preparing, planning, applying one aid then another as needed for each stride of the circle… I’m in full reactionary mode of applying all aids at once!

Not a successful way to ride.

So keep in mind, when you’re riding… When asking for a circle, only apply the aid you need for each step. More flexion? A little inside rein and release. Horse popping out her shoulder? A little outside rein and release. Losing engagement? A little inside leg and release.

Not this: Inside rein while pulling on outside rein, and kicking inside leg frantically. <– that's me.

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