The New “Horse Girl Survey”

I saw a “Horse Girl Survey” that’s apparently been making the rounds. I thought it’d be fun to try it on my blog.

Halfway through I realized it just wasn’t my cup of tea, so I reworded it…

I think it’d be more fun to have you answer the questions (in the comment section below). Anything goes.

I added my response’s to help get the ball rolling. 🙂


First thing that comes to mind:

  1. Haflinger: Tolerates your b.s riding, or handling, as long as you have food and snackies at the ready.
  2. Quarter Horse: Completely unfazed by your b.s., and asks for more.
  3. Thoroughbred: won’t take anyone’s b.s. and will call you on it instantly.
  4. Warmblood: Will take a lot of b.s., but wont figure out he was taking it until two weeks later.
  5. Welsh Cob: finds unique ways to let you know he won’t take your b.s, usually involving maiming your feet with his.
  6. Arab: found ten unique ways five minutes ago to call you on the b.s. you haven’t even thought of pulling yet.

This or That:

  1. Break out an untouched Clydesdale, OR go cross country jumping with a “Happy Mouth” apple flavored snaffle bit on a horse that doesn’t like to stop?
    Nothing like death by cross country jumping on a bolting horse with bad breaks.
  2. Own a 17.3hh horse OR own a 14.3hh horse?
    I can’t even get a saddle high enough to put it on the 17.3hh horse’s back.
  3. A 10 minute quiet ride on a beach, riding a horse that looks under fed and malnourished, OR a 7 hour trail ride on a horse that is freaking out about everything?
    When the horse nearly backs off a cliff because the leaves on that bush looked weird. That’s soooo fun. Haha
  4. Caring for and braiding a long mane, OR caring for and button braiding a short mane?
    I’m a running braid convert. 5 minutes or less and we’re good to go. I’m thinking, even if I get a warmblood, I’ll grow his mane out just so I can do the running braid.
  5. Be judged subjectively on style and conformation (hunters) OR objectively for specific faults (jumpers)?
    I just don’t understand hunter people.
  6. A green broke 9 year old, very hot mare, who spooks at everything, but has phenomenal movement, OR a dead broke 6 year old mare, who’s a steady eddie, but has ho-hum movement?
    I was gonna say the phenomenal mover, but I bought the steady eddie, so I guess that answers that.

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