The Dreaded Non-Horsey Person Discovers You Own a Horse

You know that friend, or distant relative, that finally finds out you have a horse… and then the harassing beings:

“I love horses. I rode when I was little.”

“Can I ride your horse?”

“When can I ride your horse?”

“I wanna come ride your horse!”

“Oh, you’re going riding? Can I come over now? I want to ride your horse!!”

“Why won’t you let me ride your horse?!?!!”

I learned a long time ago to NEVER let a non-horsey person come near any horse I own. You know who they are even if they swear they know how to ride. You can hear it in their speech, their terminology, their lack of any knowledge on what that thingy on the horse’s head is.

Having a personal rule where a non-horsey person can’t even touch your horse might sound mean, but let me explain.

When I was 13, a school friend convinced me to let her ride my horse. It ended with an ambulance call.

When I was 18,  my cousins mother-in-law convinced me to let her ride my horse. It ended with an ambulance call…
And then we got sued.

Since the last one, I made a vow to myself. The only time I will ever let another non-horsey person touch one of my horses is if they first pee on an electric fence. I figure if they’re that stupid, then not only will they get zapped for thinking such an idiotic thought, but they’ll probably be too sore to want to ride my pony anyway.

Plus, that’d just be hilarious!

I’ve never had anyone take me up on that offer. 😦

4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Non-Horsey Person Discovers You Own a Horse

  1. I always start by politely explaining that my horse isn’t safe for a beginner, and then give them a list of places that do guided trail rides for all levels (even non-horsey people). But I’m always amazed how persistent some people are… They just won’t stop asking to ride my horse.

    So, I flat out tell them, “You wanna ride my horse, you gotta pee on an electric fence”.

    Probably not the best way of saying no, but it works for me. 🙂


    • HAHAHAHA! When it happens, which is almost never, I first describe all the horse-related reasons I’ve had to be ushered into the emergency room. They look at the horse, they look at me, and they quit asking! :0)


  2. I love this! I too have went the route of telling friends of good safe beginner trail riding facilities. I don’t know if they just think I am rude, but they normally quit asking.


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