Day 4 of 5 Dressage Bootcamp

Finally… I was in the swing of things. Life was good! I was riding a couple of horses a day, and learning tons the rest of the time.

I wasn’t dragging butt either (well, not too much).

The 9 year old, green broke, mare was starting to trust me a bit more. Which made the ride a little easier. She was also settling into the routine too. What a fun horse! It’s like riding a Ferrari. I’d forgotten how awesome Arabs are. This one is spectacular.

Going from the Ferrari to Ava was a bit of a weird experience though. The Arab is high energy and narrow… Ava’s like riding a sofa. Comfy, wide, and content to just stand there.

It did make me think about how I’ve been riding Ava. It made me realize I need to stop trying so darn hard to make something happen and just let the horse move (even if its the wrong move).

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