Day 2 of 5 Day Dressage Bootcamp

Day 2 ~ I donned my tights, breeches, undershirt, thermal underwear, sweater, coat, hat, and extra socks. I’m still freezing. Reason number 247 why I don’t want to be a dressage instructor – it’s too damn cold!

I’ve found my energy level only lasts for 2 hours. It must be all that desk jockeying I do. I am no longer the rugged outdoors woman I was in my youth. I find myself longing for warmth and something to sit on that I won’t freeze to.

Only rode one horse yesterday (mine). The plan was to fit in 2-3 horses a day everyday. Have determined this plan is suicide. Must rethink plan.

Would type more, but fingers are frozen together. The fat on my thighs and butt has gone numb. Have been surprised several times by fat roll getting in way when I can no longer feel it attached to body. Must remember to exercise more, eat less.


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