Irons in the Fire

My posting on here has been limited lately. I think sporadic is a better word. Ha!  I’ve been working on getting some things in the rest of my life organized, and checking out some new opportunities.

Apparently, I’ve been nominated for the Glass-Ed Board (our GMO) , and if elected I will be a Director on the board. I had to write a bio for the nomination. They generously sent me example bio’s written by former/current board members. Most of the bio’s were about two paragraphs. But what would I write? How do you condense your life into a bite sized, catchy couple paragraphs to sway people to vote for you.  I finally settled on:

I am a former U.S. Marine, a software engineer, and obsessed with dressage. I own one horse, Ava, who I hope to compete at Second Level next year. I rode as a kid, took almost 20 years off, and got back into riding in 2011. My goal is to train through Grand Prix before I’m no longer capable of riding.

Elections are in November. From what I heard, there are plenty of seats open (apparently there was a mass exodus this past year).

I also volunteered as the Glass-Ed newsletter writer. I’m both daunted, and excited! My major concern is finding good reliable, factual, fresh content. This could either be awesome, or such a time drain that I’ll regret it in a few months. Guess we’ll see.

This Saturday I’ll be a demo rider for the USDF “L” Program, Session B.  I’m also going to help set up the A/V on Friday night, check in people Saturday morning, and then ride Saturday evening. I’ll probably help out Sunday morning too, but then it’s off to Grandma’s 94th birthday party! Go Grandma!!!

Oh, and I was notified that I’ve earned some kind of Rider Award from Glass-Ed this year. Probably one of those “Thanks for Trying!”, “Everyone’s a Winner!” awards. 😉  I’m not saying that with a “pity me” tone. They determine the awards by number of points earned during the year, or highest percent earned during the entire year (at a specific level). There were a lot of riders who participated in numerous shows this year, and had some amazing scores. I did 3 shows. And that first one was not good.  I’m not concerned with getting a prize/award for the year. We hit our goals, made good progress, and got some great feedback on things to work on over the winter, so I’m thrilled with the year!

I’ll post more about the L program and demo ride later. Until then… Enjoy the fall weather!



Edit: I just read this over, and boy does my life sound exciting! How come it never feels exciting? Usually life just feels chaotic and a daunting. And tiring. haha


2 thoughts on “Irons in the Fire

  1. I am Stil reading, but have been so busy that commenting just takes too much time. I love the stuff you’re getting into. And no award is too small. Accept it and smile. I always think that we are winners just for having the gumption to get out there and do it. Most people don’t have that. :0)


    • Hi Karen!! I’ve been keeping up with your posts too… and with the amount of work you do I’m surprised you have any energy left at the end if the day! Especially this time of year. I will never know how you find the energy for 2 horses and teach. I’d be dragging butt.

      I wish we lived closer. We could be a force to be reckoned with on the dressage front! 🙂


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