Fall Dressage Show

I finished my very first Second level test yesterday! Seriously, I’m so excited to have simply not made an utter fool of myself, my trainer, or my horse. And to top it off we got a respectable score of 59.85% (I lost 2 points for halting at I instead of G). The highest score in the class was a 60.57%.


The Second Level test was the first test I rode, and then First 2 and 3. It was a little anticlimactic.

The weather was cold. It was a brisk 40 degree’s with drizzling rain. My mare hates rain. I cannot express to you how much she detests rain.

During our First Level Test 2 test, we were doing a15m canter circle into the rain when Ava flattens her ears, flings her head around, and (I swear) stomped her little feet. It was so funny looking I burst out laughing.


Our final test didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I was shivering, it was still raining, my horse bonked her head and now had a bruise where the bridle sat. Horse wasn’t happy. She was still mad about the rain smacking her in the face, and now she was ornery because her head hurt. Ava was fine, but I know whacking your head doesn’t feel good. However, she did try very hard to do as I asked, and there were some great parts to the last test. It just wasn’t a very smooth test.

Overall, not a bad last show. I got three Third places. Much better than I had expected to do.

We had some crazy good warm-ups though. I mean, awesome warm-ups. Best canter I’ve ever felt! It wasn’t just floaty, it was powerful, controlled, flowing, energy. Then we got in the arena, and I had barely there, kept falling apart canter. Anyway, now I know what it should feel like, and she can do it, so we’ve got all winter to develop that.

A few pics:





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