Counter Canter – Success!!!!

I was so proud of Ava last night. We successfully did a three loop (full width of the indoor arena) canter serpentine without breaking, or flipping leads. It even looked good. Almost like we knew what the heck we’re doing! (Boy have I got people fooled.)

The counter canter work also really improves her canter. She has more lift, more suspension, between strides. And she’s more evenly balanced between the aids. If I can continue working on counter canter without killing her desire to do flying changes, then we’ll be in a really good place by the time we hit Third. *Hopefully*

Third is still a very long way off though….

Topic Change:

I have my last show this Saturday, and we’re going to attempt Second Level Test 1. I’m very excited to see how we do. The counter canter part scared me the most, but that seems to be coming along well. Now I have to worry about our simple changes.

Note to Mom and Dad – Bring rain gear. But if you bring an umbrella then you can only open it when everyone else rides. 😉 haha


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