USDF “L” Program – More Info

Below is information on the USDF “L” Program. I’ve pulled information from various sources, and included it below. Additional links are at the bottom.

USDF developed the “L” program as a way to give aspiring judges a solid, established foundation in the basics of evaluating dressage performance in competition.

The goals are to better prepare future dressage judges, and achieve continuous standards in dressage judging.

By the way, I just figured out that the “L” stands for Learner, as in “Learner Judge”. So, now you know. 😉

USDF “L” program needs about 12 demo riders for each sessions. There are three sessions for the first portion of the program, and three parts to the program. Riders get a chance to have a free lesson with the top US judges. They ride and get critiqued in front of 40+ people, auditors and “L” participants.

USDF “L” Program FAQ

Session A, B, and C comprise Part 1of the “L” Program, also called ‘A Judge’s Perspective.’ This is the educational foundation of the program.

Session A is an introduction to judging and biomechanics.

Session B is about judging criteria for gaits & paces, movements & figures.

Session C is about collective marks, equitation, rider biomechanics and basics.

“L Is For Learning”, a PDF that gives an overview of auditing the program.

USDF “L” Dressage Judging Program Blog

Training DVD “On The Levels”:
Go to USDF Online Store to Buy “On The Levels”

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