The Working Blues

I like coding, figuring out problems, creating new things from nothing.  I love that! To me, it’s like dressage. Everyday is a new challenge, a new problem to solve. Some days are frustrating and you feel stupid, and other days a light bulb will go off and everything falls into place. But what I love most about being a programmer (and a dressage student) is that everyday is an opportunity to learn more!

But lately…..


I’ve been asking my employer for the past six months for a promotion to senior developer. I am treated (same level of difficulty and workload) as if I am a senior developer.

Three months ago, my boss told me that in order to get the senior developer title, I had to be “Team Lead” of 4 other developers (two of them are senior developers – who never had to be team leads to get the senior title). There are no pay raises, and no extra’s, for this dubious honor. Lots more responsibility, more hours, a ton more stress, etc. And best yet, this does NOT guarantee me a promotion. I won’t even know for another 5 months (next review).

So, the point is… my training has suffered. I have no tolerance for even an iota more of stress or frustration. I end up either skipping going to the barn, or when I do go, Ava and I just wander aimlessly around the fields and down the roads.

On the plus side, I’ve discovered that highway traffic doesn’t phase her, and neither do large combines, gravel trucks, cows, big white signs, geese, or dogs that run at us barking their fool heads off.

But tree stumps are HORSE EATERS!!!!

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