Put that in your hat

My instructor told me this week that I’ll be a demo rider for the USDF “L” Judges certification program. I was elated! Woo Hoo! I could see Ava and myself smoothly floating through the test, our form perfect, our gaits elastic, and our hearts happy… Innocent, soon to be judges, merrily marking down 9’s and 10’s.

** cue inspiring theme music **

Bern say’s, “You can’t get upset, or take it personally, when they make harsh comments.”



Wait a second…. You mean I have to wear my big girl panties? Crap! I’m not even sure where those went.

AND no crying?! They’re going to make me cry? What am I signed up for?



Ha! I love it!

Challenge accepted…. 😉

4 thoughts on “Put that in your hat

    • My instructor, Bern, was the one that got the “L” program here. I guess they need a ton of demo riders for it since you can’t use the same horse/rider twice. The problem is, they have to be proficient through Second. I’m not sure I make the cut, but I have ridden Second previously (in the long, long ago). She’s having trouble finding enough riders for it.

      I’ll have to ask how the riders find out how they were scored. I just assumed I’d get score sheets for it, but maybe they make you stand there while they discuss how terrible you rode. 🙂
      I’ll see if I can get more information before hand.


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