I finally had my saddle re-flocked. I knew it needed it, badly, but I delayed because I thought it’d cost a ton and mean I couldn’t ride for a week. I was so wrong. It cost $50 bucks and took them 15 minutes to do! Now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

I had my first lesson since the re-flocking last night. I wish I’d gotten video. Mostly because I’d like to see what it looked like. It felt like we were effortlessly bouncing through clouds. Her trot was throwing me so high that I actually felt like my feet were above the saddle flaps. I don’t think they were, it just felt really bouncy!

And her canter had some tremendous hang time.

She felt… Fancy. Like those million dollar horses with the massive trots.

The best part… I could actually steer off my seat correctly. I’ve spent the last six months sliding off the right side (that saddle was really crooked). I was throwing my poor horse off with how poorly my weight was distributed. I feel bad now. I thought I was compensating well, but I wasn’t. And Ava didn’t hang on the right rein like she has been.

I’m really geeked about this! I bet we’ll really start to improve now. I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Leaning

  1. I had my saddle reflocked about six weeks ago. I was hoping for the same kind of improvement that you saw in Ava, but no. The saddle was already a pretty good fit which means our problems come from the rider and not the saddle. :0)


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