Barn Move – Go To Step One

I am moving Ava back to my trainers barn in a few weeks. I’m excited about it. I’m not excited about the commute. There is just no happy way to get there quickly. The shortest route, assuming no traffic, is 36 minutes. I know a bunch of you reading this are thinking “pansy, suck it up!”. I know, I know! In comparison to what most people travel, that’s a pretty short drive. But… I hate driving. *shrug*

I’m geeked about the move. The indoor is HUGE and has great footing. The barn owner has it raked, drug, or whatever they do to keep arena footing consistently firm, yet cushiony. Plus, big outdoor arena’s and the pastures are huge.

Mostly, I’m hoping this move breaks some of the bad habits I’m developing. Being able to watch other dressage riders, and having the opportunity for more mini-lessons, will help me stay on track for my goals.

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