What Just Happened? Where am I?

I notice the weirdest things when I’m riding in front of a judge. The color of an arm chair, the cat walking across the parking lot… Everything has a surreal quality to it. For example, Ava and I were cantering past A and I see a guy walking a dog 20 feet in front of me. Everything slows… The dog’s steps hang in air. There’s no sound. We’re slo-mo cantering, dog and guy still walking, it’s been forever but I’m still barely past A. Except, now I have completely forgotten where I’m supposed to go, or what I was trying to do.


The test feels like it will NEVER end. Unless my horse is not responding to any form of half-halt. Then the arena is postage stamp sized. Even small ponies couldn’t possible make that 20m circle there. All I see are blurry white squares, that are supposed to be letters, whizzing past.

Ironically, the worse my performance, the more it’ll never end. Embarrassment adds at least 45 minutes to a test.

And then bam, it’s over! And time goes back to normal again. Until 30 minutes before your next test, where 10 minutes will fly by like it’s been seconds.

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