Third Show

I would like to get to the point where I can’t count the number of shows I’ve participated in on one hand. Haha

Either way… This is number three. Our judge is an ‘S’ rated judge, and also a local trainer. She’s actually based about a mile and a half from where I board. I’ve heard she’s a good judge, with an accurate eye. So if I utterly bomb the show, it’s because I suck. I think the judge is capable of seeing what’s actually going on with horse and rider.

I’m trying not to get nervous. Every time I think about it, my heart starts pounding and I feel light headed. The downside of trying to not think about it… I have not prepared myself or the horse for the show. Which also means, I’m going to utterly freak out the day before the show (which is tomorrow).

Welcome my world, where procrastination reigns! Haha

Sometimes, I’d like to kick myself.

Back to the show stuff… Every time I do a show I think, “Why did I do this to myself?”. I wish we got real prizes for competing. Like cash! I like cash. Cash can be reinvested into lessons, or tack. I have not found a way to re-purpose ribbons yet. I was thinking about making a big pink and green blanket with my last batch of ribbons, but seriously, the feel of ribbon material makes my skin crawl.

I wonder if ribbon material is water proof?

Third Show Results

3 thoughts on “Third Show

  1. Best of luck at the show and have fun! Another blog I read was posting about a rated show they attended last weekend and practical prizes were given (along with ribbons), like fly spray, treats, lead ropes, etc. Love that idea!


  2. I wish more shows would do that! Even if you didn’t particularly like the brand, or didn’t need a new lead rope (what am I saying, I always need new lead ropes), then you can trade, or sell, them. Why don’t more shows do this? I’d even be willing to give up the ribbons to get practical prizes instead.


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