Second Show!

Our second show is June 9th. I am already a ball of nerves. We will be doing First level. I signed up for all three tests, but figured I’d play it by ear on how much energy Ava has.

My big fear is Test 3, where the counter canter is introduced. It’s a shallow serpentine figure from the wall, to X, and back to the wall. I’ve ridden counter canter before (in the long ago time). I’ve also made Bern explain the aids, dynamics, and concepts at LEAST 20 times now (that lady is a saint!). I STILL can’t get a counter canter (even briefly) when going to the right. I am beyond frustrated!

On a good note: Ava is now loading like a champ again. I also clipped all four legs and she acted like an old pro at it. This is in comparison to the crazed horse I tried to clip in April. And her trot/canter transitions are awesome.

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