Update on Video

I know you’re all dying to hear how video taping went. Well… It didn’t.

I get to the barn and apparently every one, and half their family, decided that tonight was the night to ride. I haven’t seen most of these people in over a week.

I tell myself it’s okay. Maybe they’ll clear out before the lesson. The lesson I put on the board. The one in big block letters.

So I pull out all of Ava’s gear, and have to use the bathroom. Run up to the house, come back and every cross tie is full. I stand there a minute, but no one seems to be in much of a hurry to move. I grab Ava’s stuff again and haul it all down to her stall to start getting Ava tacked up.

Then the text message comes through. Our second vehicle, my hubby’s truck, is spewing gas like a fire hose on full volume. Husband apologizes, saying he can’t make it to video tape tonight.

I finally get Ava tacked up and braided, and lead her out to the arena. At this point I notice the horse hand galloping around on the lunge line. Going, and going, and going…. I finally ask her if I can sneak past to use the mounting block. The girl was very nice and decreased the size of the circle, but to be honest… Ava loves kicking other mares. It is her passion in life to kick the crap out of other female horses. She gets this gleeful little look in her eye and starts shifting her hindquarters to line up a direct shot on the mare coming back around on the lunge. I whack her. Ava gives me a snotty look and keeps walking while the other mare canters safely passed us on the lunge.

I finally mount, and Ava and I are ready!!

We start our lesson, and of course I have no one to video tape, the ring is full of horse’s going every direction, and people in the aisle are trying to carry on conversations with me. I ignore them, but then that nagging guilt for being rude starts eating away at my intestines. Every time I veer off the 20 meet circle I nearly have a head on collision with another horse. Oh, and the radio and conversations were making it hard to hear Bern, even up close.

However, I am very happy I had a lesson today. Ava was squirrelly, and I utterly could not fix it. It was like trying to squeeze water. Squished out her left shoulder, now her right, oops, half left and half right with a corkscrew in the middle. Aaaaarrrrgggghhh! 🙂 It’s all okay now. Bern fixed us up, and gave us good direction on keeping Ava straight for our next ride. Thank goodness for wonderful trainers!

But still…. No video. 😦 Guess I now have time to slip into Target for a nice looking, warm, shirt to wear for my video (Thanks for the tip, Speedy!).

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