No Thermal Wearin’ RedNecks need Apply

My application for the Lilo Fore clinic has to be in the mail this week and I don’t have a video yet. That isn’t for lack of trying, but every time I plan on video taping, it down pours the night before. So these are my choices: take video in the dust bowl, postage stamp, arena and hope for the pity vote; or slog through knee high footing and pray I don’t seriously damage my horses tendons (not a risk I’m willing to take).

Tonight, my trainer is coming to help me finesse a great ride out of my horse, and my husband is coming to man the video camera. And….. it’s snowing. In April.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, I don’t have much in the way of asthetically pleasing riding attire that isn’t designated as show wear. So, I figured I’d wear a polo shirt for my video. The, uh, “it’s 70 degree’s in the office and I’m freezing” short-sleeve polo shirt.  In my infinite wisedom, I decided to ask my sweet hubby to bring along a thermal shirt that I can wear under the polo shirt. His response, “Oh, that’s going to go well. You might as well go for the redneck vote too.”


Okay, fine. To be honest, the thermal shirt I own has some stains on it. There’s some grease, a bit of pine tar, and that unidentifiable stain on the lower sleeve. But… It’s COLD out there. Like 30 some degree’s out type of cold. So I’m weighing out the pro’s and con’s of this thermal shirt showing in the video I send in.

The “pro’s” include warmth and rider comfort, but we all know how much judges or critics give a crap about that (i.e. Not much).

The “con’s”… Imagine sitting around with a bunch of die hard dressage riders whose sole purpose is to choose the best horse/rider combinations out of hundreds sent in. You see clean, well-presented, horse after horse. When suddenly, this short, tubby woman (wearing a stained up thermal) starts riding in a postage stamp sized arena, while billowing dust floats through the air, until finally obscuring the camera so badly that the screen goes brown.


Sometimes you just gotta know when to quit. And I think this is the “know when to quit” point in time. You can only take a dream so far without the proper equipment. Apparently, proper equipment are asthetically pleasing warm weather shirts.

Half of me say’s “Screw you unseen people who judge me based solely on my attire”.

The other half thinks, “Yeah, I know. But I’d rather ride than shop. Unless…. it’s horse tack, then I’ll ride, then shop.”

One thought on “No Thermal Wearin’ RedNecks need Apply

  1. You know what I wear in the winter? A fleece vest and some dirt cheap, long sleeved work out shirts from Target. They are very sleek and form fitting and LOOK JUST LIKE THE $$$$$$ riding tops. I pay around $15 each. They are very comfortable, stretchy, come in many colors, including white and black, and did I mention? They're CHEAP!!!! Swing by Target tonight, grab "the right attire", and get that video in!!!!!!


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