Friesian’s and Fitness

Just curious, but how many of you out there are training Friesian’s, or Friesian crosses?

This is my first experience with the Friesian breed. I never expected to own a Friesian.  I’d always assumed they were for people who had too much money and time on their hands. The type of people who can afford to buy designer clothes, go to spa’s, have two closets full of shoes they’ve never worn, etc.

I’m not that kind of person. In fact, my sister-in-law keeps threatening to put me on that show where they buy you clothes to wear because your tastes in clothes suck so bad that no one wants to be seen in public with you.  This from the lady that claims to like me.

Back to Friesian’s…Is it wrong of me to feel kinship with the breed because of our mutual furriness? Disregard that. What I wanted to ask is, why are they so difficult to get in, and keep in, shape?

What do you do with your Friesian if you take a vacation, or have to take time off from riding for a while? I took 4 day’s off. Just 4 day’s, and the first ride after I get back you would have sworn that mare had been out to pasture for the last two months. She was puffing and wheezing like a 90 year old man after 10 minutes of light trotting.

2 thoughts on “Friesian’s and Fitness

  1. You could probably ride for a year straight, and your horses would still be fresh. :)I always had Arab's. Love the stamina and energy levels. My Friesian though, you ride for 20 minutes and she acts like she's going to fall over from sheer exhaustion. I think she's a bit of a drama queen, because as soon as she hears the grain hit her bucket she's got all kinds of extra energy! 😉


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