Shoulder-In Exercise

Varying the length of the steps to develop collection.

  1. Keeping the shoulder-in the entire time, trot down the long side and ask for the shoulder in at F. P, make a full transition to walk. At B, resume trot while in shoulder-in. Every other letter make a transition. At M, straighten the horse and trot normal through the corner.
  2. While in shoulder-in, trot down the long side and ask for the shoulder-in at F. At B, shorten the stride for a few steps.There should be more steps because of the shorter stride. Do not go slower, there should be more steps with the shorter stride, but the tempo/rhythm should stay the same. Shorten the strides at every second letter. Then trot on through the corner. Looking for relaxed short steps. If the horse isn’t listening to the half halt’s, go back to doing the full transitions down the rail. If you’re asking for the shortened steps and you feel as though your horse is going to walk, then go back to the normal trot.
  3. After the above two exercises are smooth, ask for longer steps in the shoulder-in.

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