I first learned about e-TRAK a few months ago, and honestly… I scoffed at it a bit. Not that I think it’s a bad idea, but I figured it’d be the same as every other dressage oriented content where all articles focuse on either the super, baby-green horse, or how to improve the one-tempi changes.  I’m not even close to worrying about Piaffe/Passage, and I may never be at that point. I have more pressing concerns about dressage training on my mind. Like how the heck am I supposed to get a clean canter depart from a walk. While clean canter departs are still a monumental achievement for me, then I can safely say that Piaffe/Passage, flying changes, etc, are still out of my realm of immediate concern.

So I scoffed, dismissed, and wasted time surfing the web on my own. Until this weekend… OMG they have some great PDF’s and videos! And a ton of them are for those of us who need more than just the absolute basics, yet aren’t ready for the upper levels. It’s fantastic! Numerous video’s with well known Olympic medalists teaching concepts like correct leg yields, half-halts, lateral supplying exercises, etc. They have in-depth articles, quick studies, etc. etc. etc. I could literally sit for day’s sifting through their content and be utterly happy. đŸ™‚

First things first… You must be a member of USDF in order to access the content.

Here’s the link to e-TRAK:  http://www.usdf.org/e-trak/index.asp

Anyway, I was very impressed with their content and (once I got used to it) the ease of accessing articles/videos. It is definitely on my top ten lists of favorite resources for dressage!


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