Training for Second

Now that Ava’s leg is all better, I am so excited to start planning for the upcoming show season. I did find out that one of my goals for 2012 will need to be pushed back to 2013 (or later). I found out that the IFSHA world championships will be in California in 2012, and I can’t afford that kind of trip (yet). Hopefully, the following years will be closer to home.

I am looking forward to competing at some USDF ranked shows. Not that I don’t enjoy the glass-Ed shows here, but I get so discouraged when I go on the USDF website and I have NO scores associated with my name. Not even the ones I earned as a kid show up. I’d like to change that! So this year, we’re going to some rated shows and get our name to show on the dang website, at least once! Ha.

I have to say though… I’m really intimidated by the quality of the riders competing today. As a kid, the adult amateur classes were, hmmm… how do I say this politely… Well, they weren’t hard to win. And the JR/YG classes were tougher than the Open classes. But today, wow, the AA’s are kicking butt and taking names! They scare me! I’d almost rather compete against the Open riders because at least you have the chance that they’re riding a youngster. These AA’s today have quality horses that they’ve been working with for years, they have quality instructors, and they have money!

Luckily, I have an ace up my sleeve (Bern!).

I remember doing very well as a kid, and I’m worried that as an adult who had a 20 year layoff from horses, that the best I can hope for is to not thoroughly embarrass myself. However, I want to show to the world, okay just my little section of the world, how great Ava is! So we’re going for it!

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