Barn Move

Yesterday I moved Ava to a new barn, for (hopefully) the last time in a long time.

I have to say… I’m not sure how many of you have attempted to move a horse who’s dinner had been delayed for 3 hours, but that was not fun. She was massively cranky. However, she loaded up well. And in fact, stepped out of the trailer beautifully without the ramp attached. That was a nice bonus.

After settling Ava in, I hung around the barn. I was impressed with how many people were there. And from talking to another boarder I learned that nearly every horse boarded there gets ridden consistently throughout the week.

I was also excited to learn that a few of the boarders are interested in dressage and showed at the local dressage shows this year.

Also, the barn includes several amenities that will be very helpful to a person who works long hours. Not only do they fly spray in the summer, but they’ll put on/off fly masks, fly sheets, etc. They blanket and unblanket, will apply ointments, give medicine, wrap/unwrap legs if bandages need changing, etc.

Mostly, I’m just geeked that other people ride! I can now go to the barn, ride, and not worry about what will happen after I fall off (I’m deathly afraid I’ll fall off and no one will find me til morning chores).

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