Time & Horses

It’s been a long week, and I’ve barely ridden at all. Monday the higher up’s decided they had super important stuff i had to do 5 minutes before the end of my day. I had to rush to get it done so I could meet the dentist at the barn that evening.

Side note: He said her back teeth were pretty sharp, but overall her teeth looked good. That was a relief.

Then Tuesday after work we took our yellow lab to the vet for his final check up after his ACL surgery. All healed up and looking good!

Wednesday my work had an after work farewell get-together. The evening was beautiful and all day I had dreamed about riding… But in order to get along with coworkers I went to the party (I would’ve preferred to go riding).

Thursday was the first day I’ve had time to ride since Sunday. How the heck am I going to be a super star if I only ride twice a week? I’m not!

And the ride was not very productive. Ava doesn’t do well when she’s given several days off in a row. Plus, just when I had FINALLY gotten her to relax and stretch into the bit, out from nowhere comes this little bitty dog that was yipping it’s fool head off. Which of course seriously distracted Ava. All idea of relaxation went out the window. It was not a good session. 😦

Tonight, hopefully the rain will hold off for me. It’s supposed to thunderstorm off and on all weekend. I cannot wait until we move to the new barn with their big indoor arena. I miss being able to ride no matter what the weather is doing outside.

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