Last Show of the Season

October 1st is the final show of the season for our local dressage association. Since I have only shown once this year, I am sorely tempted to enter this one last show before a long winter. However, I’m also moving Ava to a new barn the beginning of October and I’m worried about stressing her with too many things at once.

My main concern’s are ulcers and colic. I don’t want to push her too hard and end up with a big issue (that I can’t afford).

On the flip side, Ava has been fantastic lately. Her transition from trot to canter are much smoother and 80% of the time don’t involve the flinging head or jumping around problems we were having. She’s steadier with contact, more responsive to the aids, and she’s better at staying focused on what we’re doing. I feel like we could really kick butt!

The downsides are that I haven’t had a lesson in 2.5 months. What if I go to the show and they laugh me out of the arena. What if I’m doing it all wrong!?!? I’d be horrified! I would embarrass myself and my trainer. What if Ava cant take the stress of a show and a move? What if… What if…

What do you think? Should I enter the show?

One thought on “Last Show of the Season

  1. Of course you should go!!!!!!! Who the hell cares what anyone else thinks? And really, I can say that because if anyone would get laughed at behind her back, it would be me! When Speedy G and I started showing last summer, I couldn't even get my diagonals right. I am rather irritated at the snootiness that I am discovering among dressage riders. That was one aspect of endurance racing that I loved. Competitors were supportive of one another. So yes, go, show, and have fun!


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