Trail Riding

A few weeks ago I took Ava out for a trail ride with 3 other people. I felt pretty darn cool when my horse (the fluffy dressage princess) behaved better than all of the seasoned trail veterans. We bent around obstacles, leg yielded past downed trees, half-halted down hills to regain balance. All while the other horses were scrapping their owners up against trees, jumping around, jerking their riders, and overall just being butts.

It was just cool to be able to place Ava’s body where it needed to be to avoid anything dangerous. Move the haunches, move the shoulders, move the whole body sideways, etc. We could’ve slinked through the tightest trail without a problem. 🙂

I wish more people could have that feeling. I watch them fighting with their horse, and getting frustrated, when it should be a relaxing and fun time for both horse and rider. And it could be, if they just wanted to learn. But they can’t. They fill their heads with “I can’t”, or some how convince themselves that they shouldn’t need help and therefore it’s some kind of failure if they ask for help. I know two women who refuse to get outside help for issues that are causing them to not want to ride anymore. Why, when it comes to something that can kill you, would you not be willing to accept assistance, but something mundane like learning Spanish is a no brainer for getting outside help with? How many great riders learned in a vacuum? Yet so many riders appear to believe that any outside influence is a glaring sign of failure.

If you read this blog and ride horses, then accept any form of learning you can find. It’s a sign of intelligence. 🙂

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