Friday’s Ride

The flies were terrible. Ava was very unhappy with them and I don’t blame her. They were drawing blood! Considering the flies, she did pretty good overall.

The trot was a bit under-powered for her, but I’m still learning to sit the trot so I slowed it down. And she wasn’t as over her back as I would have like, but it felt like more swing than I saw when I looked a the video.

The first canter depart was like usual. She falls on the forehand and launches herself in the canter from the inside front foot (bad). The second canter depart was utterly atrocious (wrong lead, on forehand). But the third one…. Much improved! I was so geeked about it! And the fourth canter depart (left lead) was better too.

I think she’s starting to get it! Well, that and she’s getting much stronger and more balanced everyday.


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